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My name is Chris Scoggins.

I am a hardcore gamer. Find out more about me, or read my blog.
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Top 3 Strategy Games for PC

You can probably tell that I'm a hardcore gamer: I've got a powerful PC and several gaming consoles which were produced by Sony and Nintendo. This means that I get to compare the actual quality of the games that we're so spoiled with these days.

So, can you build a PC that matches PS4 Pro's performance when it comes to rendering games at the highest quality? The truthful answer is "maybe". You see, Sony's gaming consoles use dedicated gaming components and a dedicated gaming OS. Let's not discuss Nintendo's console here. I wouldn't expect any high-end title to arrive on the Switch anytime soon. The hardware needs to become much more powerful for that to happen...
Best Gaming Laptop - Alienware 17 R4

So, your friends want to throw a LAN party, but you're too skinny to bring the entire rig. That powerful PC you've built weighs over 20 pounds, after all. A recent survey from Data Alliance has shown that the weight of the top-rated gaming laptops ranges from 4 pounds (Razer Blade) to 12 pounds (Origin EON17).

Powerful gaming laptops can be quite pricey. However, there are great gaming laptops that have an affordable price, at least for their entry models. Meet the new Alienware R4 laptop, which was built, according to its makers, with a clear purpose: "to wreak havoc".

Dell has bought Alienware several years ago for a hefty sum. It wasn't surprising news for industry insiders, because Alienware was making out-of-this-world laptops indeed. And now, the 2017 version of the highly acclaimed 17 R4 series is available for purchase. You can tell I'm excited! Take a peek...
Top 3 Game Engines

I started to play games when I was a kid. Later on, I wanted to design them. I've tried to play with various graphics libraries, downloading lots of projects from the web and examining their source code. I was learning quite a few things, but I wasn't progressing a lot, because level editors were way too primitive.

You had to create level walls out of lines, for example. Yes, you needed to draw 12 lines, and then align them perfectly, in order to create a single wall in your level. Multiply that by the hundreds of walls you were needing for a simple looking level, and you'll get the picture. These days kids are really spoiled. They have access to some of the best game engines in the world for free!

But what is a game engine in the first place? Basically, it's a reusable framework that allows developers to implement and run their game ideas without reinventing the wheel...